Our parents and teachers lead our program

The PCPE board is made up of parents whose children attend the school. You can't get much more invested than that.

the 2016-2017 PCPE leadership

Veronica Iocco, Co-Chair

Angie Esquivel, Co-Chair

Hermann Calabria, Treasurer

Antoinette Angulo, Parent Coordinator

Geraldine Rodriguez, Secretary

Veronica Duran, Registrar

Esther Bobbin, Facilities

Adriana Gorski, Fundraising

the 2017-2018 PCPE leadership

Flor Guerrero, Co-Chair

Angie Esquivel, Co-Chair

Alma Osorio, Treasurer

Antoinette Angulo, Parent Coordinator

Lea Evans, Secretary

Lulu Roque, Registrar

Saul Rico, Facilities

Carolina Marx, Fundraising


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